IT Minister Tests 5G Calling In IIT Madras, But Is It Any Different From 4G Calling? We Try To Explain

India will soon have 5G, and its rollout will begin later this year after the government concludes the 5G spectrum auctions. As 5G is due to be rolled out in India in the coming months, there are extensive testing of 5G and its components and equipment. Recently, Union Minister for Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnau has successfully tested connectivity to 5G networks at IIT Madras, Union Minister said in a tweet on Thursday.

Atmanirbhar 5G. 5G call has been successfully tested at IIT Madras. “Fully integrated network is designed and developed in India,” Vaishnau said on Twitter. The Minister of Communications, after making a video call about the locally developed 5G technology gears, said that this is the fulfillment of the Prime Minister’s vision.

What is a 5G connection

So a 5G call is basically a normal phone call made on a 5G network via a 5G-enabled smartphone. Now, while this seems basic from a user’s point of view, it is not. For the service provider and for the equipment maker, there is a lot of sophistication being considered behind the scenes, in order to secure the best voice call quality we’ve seen so far. In order to enable 5G connectivity on smartphones and other 5G devices, the network infrastructure used for 4G (VoLTE) will also be used, once 5G starts rolling out in the country.

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For users, the benefits of 5G voice calling are improved quality with HD voice +, improved video call quality, new voice and calling services, and more. For service providers, on the other hand, benefits include new revenue structures, improved customer satisfaction, and the like.

How far 5G rollout in India

According to a very recent report, 5G equipment makers such as Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung said they are ready to roll out the technology to start rolling out 5G in India. The report said telecom equipment makers are equipped enough to deploy 5G in the top 50 Indian cities by March 2023. However, the auction of 5G spectrum is still pending, and roll-out of the technology and 5G will begin after that. Reports indicated that the government plans to hold 5G spectrum auctions in June or July, after which telecom operators can start the process of bringing 5G to India.

Several companies like Airtel, Reliance Jio and others have already started testing 5G services in the country, showing speeds in the ‘GBps’ category in India. 5G is expected to start rolling out in India by the end of this year, if all goes well.

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Will a 5G connection cost more than a 4G connection?

Although there is not much information about the prices of 5G services in India, it is said that the 5G plans will cost the same as the 4G plans that are currently being used in India. Airtel chief technical officer Randeep Sekhon recently told a website that Airtel’s 5G rates will be similar to the 4G plans currently in place.

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