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Health and wellness has gained prominence over the past few years, and eating nutritious food is the easiest way to join the bandwagon. People are no longer subscribing to the idea of ​​eating grilled vegetables and looking for easy and tasty recipes to make that can be whipped up in a moment.

Enter: Smoothies and Juices. They are packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants and can be delicious with the right combination. Consuming them on the go is easy and will keep you satisfied for a long time. But ‘the latest trend in gram suggests that mixing fruits and vegetables in a smoothie is bad for your health. While it might be better to take things with a pinch of salt on social media, we wanted to know how something that is commonly said to be very healthy is bad for you?

Are fruits and vegetables good for your health?  (Shutter stack)
Are fruits and vegetables good for your health? (Shutter stack)

Food expert Garima Goyal says, “Mixing vegetables and fruits is controversial. They have different digestibility index and mixing them is associated with potential gastrointestinal disturbances.

Another school of thought suggests that our stomachs are equipped to handle changing diets on textures and digestibility indexes, with no consequences.

Most of our meals, fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. They act as antioxidants and help rid your body of harmful substances known as free radicals that cause diseases like cancer and diabetes. Both of these groups are rich in fiber, which helps to keep you satisfied, regulates blood pressure, insulin and cholesterol levels. . There are also carotenoids that keep the eyes healthy.

Goyal explains that when food is consumed, different enzymes are released from the intestine that do not differentiate between foods. The time it takes for fruits and vegetables to digest varies. Fruits take about two hours to digest, and vegetables take four to five hours. “All enzymes have very specific functions and there is little evidence of the negative effects of incorporating foods,” says Goyal.

Can you mix vegetables and fruits in your smoothies and juices?  (Shutter stack)
Can you mix vegetables and fruits in your smoothies and juices? (Shutter stack)

Explaining this theory further, Eileen Candy of Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, HOD Nutrition and Dietetics, says, “There is no scientific evidence to support the theory that eating fruits and vegetables together causes harm to the body. Converted to fat.

People with sensitive gut may experience occasional bloating or gasiness when eating fruits and vegetables together, so they should consume them separately. But experts agree that mixing some apple or berries in your smoothie is no harm, as it allows you to access all the nutrients.

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