Is donating blood post Covid vaccination safe? Expert busts common myths | Health

Blood donation has many benefits for one’s emotional and physical health, prevents you from serious illnesses and enhances emotional well-being. It is also essential for saving lives. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, blood donation campaigns around the world suffered badly as people stayed home. People believed that donating blood after Covidin vaccination could impair their or recipient’s health. World Blood Donors Day is celebrated annually on June 14, with countries around the world celebrating the need for safe blood and blood products and thanking voluntary, unpaid donors for their life-saving blood.

Covid-19 is still in existence and the booster vaccine is running, says Dr. Pankaj Bharadwaj, MD, MAMS, AIIMS Jodhpur has dispelled myths about blood donation after receiving Kovid-19 jab.

MYTH: Blood donation disrupts donor health if the donor or she recently received the Kovid-19 vaccine

Fact: According to the American Red Cross Society, donating blood after receiving the Kovid-19 vaccine is absolutely fine but there are some important things that one should keep in mind. The name of the vaccine manufacturer must be given when donating blood. Coveshield, Kovacsin, Sputnik V All vaccines are safe to donate after a jab. As long as one feels okay at the time of blood donation, that’s fine.

MYTH: Some recipients may get sick if the recipient receives blood from a recently vaccinated donor

Fact: The safety of blood transfusions depends on how the procedure is performed. Getting vaccinated only provides immunity against the disease – vaccination is crucial and does not cause any disease for those who receive blood from a vaccinated person.

Myth: Giving blood after receiving the Kovid-19 vaccine reduces the donor’s protection against the virus

Fact: Blood donation does not reduce the protection from the virus after the Kovid-19 vaccine is donated. Like other vaccines, such as measles, mumps or influenza, the Kovid-19 vaccine is designed to produce an immune response that helps protect the person from illness. The donor’s immune response is not affected by blood transfusions.

MYTH: There should be a mandatory postponement of blood donation after Jabba

Fact: If someone gets the Kovid-19 vaccine, there is no time for postponing the blood donation. However, the eligibility of donating blood is determined by a specialist, and in some cases, a donor jabbed with any Kovid-19 vaccine, be it Kovacsin or Sputnik V or Kovshield, may have to wait. After a few days of mild symptoms after vaccination.

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