Is Agnipath scheme not an insult to late CDS Rawat? Cong asks Modi govt | Latest News India

The Congress has continued its barrage on Monday against the Narendra Modi government of the Center for the fire project.

In addition to meeting the president and meeting the president, party leaders shared their thoughts on social media and elsewhere about the short-term recruitment model for the defense forces.

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Congress leader Ajay Makan was referring to the late 2020 proposal by the late Defense Secretary General Bipin Rawat to increase the retirement age of soldiers and officers while referring to the latest recruitment plan. “Isn’t this project an insult to CDS Rawat’s ideas?” Said Macan.

Macken said the late CDS had “raised the retirement age of soldiers to 58.”

“When General Bipin Rawat says this … Do all service chiefs go against General Rawat’s approach? Did the government try to follow General Rawat’s proposal?” Macken referred to news agency PTI.

Calling the BJP-led government a disgrace, Maken said: “At least don’t insult the CDS, their thinking and approach.”

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The Mackenzi government staged a barrage against the Agnipath protesters, accusing them of being misled. This is what the Prime Minister said during the peasant movement. The peasants were called Khalistani and then the Prime Minister apologized.

Congress leaders have continued their ‘Satyagraha’ protest in the ED case against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and the “political revenge” of Agnipath. Leading Congress leaders, including Mallikarjun Kharge, Salman Khurshid, K Suresh and V Narayanasamy, were seen in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

The government has said that the Agnipath project will not be withdrawn. Meanwhile, a nationwide bandh (Bharat Bandh) is underway on this issue.

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