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The world is set to celebrate the 8th edition of International Yoga Day with India under the theme Yoga for Humanity (June 21) as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This theme reaffirms how yoga has served humanity at the level of Kovid-19 and brought people together to cultivate a sense of unity around the world through kindness and compassion during the post-Kovid geopolitical crisis. But, practicing yoga is one thing, and following it in a dress that makes it more meaningful to practice this disciplined, holistic practice is another.

The essence of yoga is balance, and not balance within the body or between the mind and the body, but in the human relationship with the world. In keeping with the basic theory of yoga, the design team at the Center of Excellence for Khadi (CoEK) has brought out wellness wear – Swadha for International Yoga Day – to showcase the versatility of khadi. In the Atharva Veda, swadha means ease, comfort or pleasure, which are really the characteristics of this collection. Sudha Dhingra, CoEK’s director, says, “When we meditate, our body relaxes and the process of rejuvenation begins. That is why the use of natural colors and organic matter when meditating is important because it is absorbed by the body. With this in mind, we have decided to come up with this collection that will allow the body to easily practice yoga as we all use pajamas, salwar or stretchwear so far for yoga.

Ripu Daman Bevly aka Plogman of India, plays fairs from the Swadha collection, making it easy for them to follow yoga or exercise.
Ripu Daman Bevly aka Plogman of India, plays fairs from the Swadha collection, making it easy for them to follow yoga or exercise.

CoEK is set up by the Khadi and Rural Employment Commission (KVIC), the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), to help Khadi organizations (KIs) effectively design high quality differentiated Khadi in domestic and global markets Produce and sell products. The CoEK Khadi draws a strong parallel with the soul and brings forth the emotion expressed in the theme, which means “co-feeling with every man on earth”.

Sharing the top elements of this wellness collection, Dhingra said, “Includes a biased yoke on the shoulder, a boxplate on the upper back of the upper garment, and a low crotch wrap for easy extension and extra comfort. While doing research before coming to this line, we talked to people who regularly practice yoga and combined their reactions to how these things are missing in the yoga wear they use so far.

This wellness range emphasizes the values ​​of mindfulness and perseverance and aims to appeal to all ages, from Gen Z to young hearts. It is created using handspun khadi in natural dyes. The idea that khadi threads bind people globally is in the true sense of the concept of Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam (the world is one family).

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