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Does Chai have a greater love for it? Chai lovers wager ‘no’! So on International Tea Day, today, we ask some popular Delhiites their kinda kappa, who will not miss it even in this grim heat; The love of tea he proudly asserts in public!

‘Teabags staple in my wallet’

Kuchipudi dancer Aisha Pratap Singh said, “My blood is literally 80% chai (laughs). I love my chai! Even if I can’t, I carry my tea packets. It is always the staple in my wallet. Hey, no change for summer or winter.

Designer Nida Mahmood likes to add healthy ingredients like curcumin, ginger and cloves in their tea.
Designer Nida Mahmood likes to add healthy ingredients like curcumin, ginger and cloves in their tea.

‘I like to relax in my chair and drink my tea’

Nida Mahmood, Fashion Designer, “I have always loved my chai; but with my versions of it. It’s never with milk. I have a lot of variations in combination with green tea. I like to add healthy ingredients like curcumin, ginger, cloves. Sometimes, I like bay leaves or herbs. I love the little corner of my sitting room, it’s an easy chair, and I like to relax in that chair and drink my tea every morning. .

‘I learned to make chai from mum’

Shibani Kashyap, singer, does not like to miss her favorite masala chai in this sunny day. “I enjoy the tea my moms make or the tea I make. It’s a blend of ginger and cloves, black pepper, cardamom, souinf (fennel) and cinnamon. I brew all of these ingredients first, and the throat powder is very good. So when I brew all this, I put tea leaves, I like any good Indian chai and a little milk. In the summer, I avoid cloves and peppers in this brew, because the pepper is hot in itself. Cinnamon and ginger are very good for the summer. [you’re good to go in summer] If you add Sounf, Adrak and Elaichi.

Youtuber Bhuvan Bam, likes his ginger tea with biscuits.
Youtuber Bhuvan Bam, likes his ginger tea with biscuits.

‘Crave Home Made Adrak Wali Chai’

Bhuvan Baum, comedian-YouTuber-singer, self-confessed “chai fan” and a bigot! He says, “Kaisa bhi weather ho. Kitna bhi garam ho, din ki ak cup chai toh hony hai chahiye. Aur vo bhi adrak wali chai. Us Chai k Saath Ek Parle-ji Ka Packet. And that’s about it. Aur kisi kisam ki chai pene ka maja nahim ata muze. Kabhi Jab Hotel Mae Jatay Hai Toh Masala Chai. But Usme bhi kuch khaz maja nahi jo adrak wali homemade chai mai hoti hai. That’s why I crave it. ”

‘Chae 49 degrees ho, I should drink tea three times a day’

Ravinder Singh, author, is another hard core tea lover. He shares, “My love for tea does not depend on what the weather looks like. It stays for 365 days, Chae Heatwave ho 49 degrees temperature PE, I have to drink my tea three times a day. I enjoy Ghar Wali Chai. Muze tukdo wali chai nahim pasand. I can’t go to luxury tea cafes and try out the changes. Ghar Wali Chai May Variations Like Hai Adrak, Ilaichi. I also tried the lemongrass with it. It should be acadak chai, a little sugar and milk. The only place I can go to tea outside my home is Chai Tapris (on the side of the road). I love the idea of ​​chai and kulhad mai (jo milti hai) cutting a glass volley. The tea stays the same but the container I consume may vary; Wo kulhad wali mitti hothon pe lagni chahi. ”

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