Indonesian Tribe’s Bizarre Ritual Prohibits NewlyWeds From Using Toilet For Three Days

Weddings, especially in Asia, are a large collection of rituals and processions. For example, in India, the bride throws grain while leaving the house so that the house may maintain prosperity after her. However, some rituals are so strange that hearing about them makes you question their veracity, let alone their performance.

For example, one of the rituals that is still held by the members of the Indonesian tribe is of paramount importance. According to the regulations of their traditions, a newly married couple, immediately after the wedding, must live for three days without going to the bathroom. You heard that right. To retain happiness in the last years of your married life, the spouses have to keep it in the first three days of their married life.

This ritual belongs to the people of the Tidong tribe, most of whom are farmers. The Tidong people belong to the northeastern region of Borneo, near the border between Indonesia and Malaysia. When a wedding is held in the tribe, the spouses, once all the processions are completed, are escorted to a room where they have to spend the first three days of their marriage. During this period, spouses are prohibited from using the toilet.

There is a group of people who oversee the three-day period. These people are responsible for giving the couple small amounts of food and water so that the need to use the bathroom does not arise. Oversight also includes making sure that spouses do not cheat and secretly defecate.

The ritual is still breathed by the firm belief that if the couple dies, they will have a happy, long-lasting marriage, and if they fail, the marriage is expected to end soon. Therefore, to avoid such a supposed disturbance, people still perform this ritual diligently.

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