Indian officer counters Rahul’s ‘India not a nation’ theory at Cambridge event

Published on May 25, 2022 01:36 PM IST

A video of an Indian officer teaching a ‘nation’ to Rahul Gandhi at the University of Cambridge has now gone viral. Commonwealth scholar Siddhartha Verma, in public policy at the University of Cambridge, protested Congress MPs for calling India a ‘group of states’. “You have referred to Article 1 of the Constitution as saying that India is a union of states according to the Constitution. If you go back a page and look at the prologue, it refers to India as a nation. India is one of the oldest civilizations remaining in the world. In the video, Verma is claiming that India is a nation, in which Gandhi asserted that “the nation is an empire”. In the video, Gandhi is heard saying, “The word nation is a Western concept.”

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