Indian embassy in Ukraine to resume operation out of Kyiv from May 17

India on Friday announced that its embassy in Ukraine would resume its operation from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv from May 17. The embassy was temporarily operating from Warsaw in Poland since mid-March.

“The Indian Embassy in Ukraine, which was temporarily operating out of Warsaw (Poland), would be resuming its operation in Kyiv with effect from May 17,” the Ministry of External Affairs said.

It said the embassy was temporarily relocated to Warsaw on March 13.

The decision to resume operation of the embassy from Kyiv came amid decisions by several Western powers to reopen their missions in the Ukrainian capital.

India had decided to temporarily relocate the embassy to Poland in view of the rapidly deteriorating security situation in the war-torn country, including the Russian military offensive around Kyiv.

India relocated the embassy after bringing back over 20,000 of its nationals from across Ukraine under its evacuation mission ‘Operation Ganga’ that was launched on February 26 in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

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