#IndiaAtCannes | Aditi Rao Hydari: I know I am going to be watched closely at my Cannes debut

Aditi Rao Hydari is worried about not making his debut for Cannes. Explaining why she did so, she tells us, “I had to go first, but that year the lockdown happened. I am going now this year, I have a busy schedule because I am doing different things. I am looking forward to it. At the time, it was very different. I was excited, but there was a lot of pressure, like ‘what am I going to wear?’

At the moment, the 35-year-old has been flooded with questions from a lot of people about his debut. But the Pan Indian actor, who is part of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films, says, “I constantly tell myself, ‘Remember growing up, you have to be in Cannes, in the movies, you have dreamed of experiencing it.’ The magical thing ‘. I’m telling you to go out there and experience it. I really want to be in the moment, take every single magic I can.

To be on such a global stage must come with its own pressures, we ask Haidar, hey Sinamika! The actor responds positively, “I know I can make mistakes, I am going to watch closely. That’s right, everyone has to do what they do. I have a responsibility, but I also have a responsibility to make my work, for myself, fun. I feel lucky that I am in Cannes.

He adds, “At the moment, I am not feeling anxious. There are butterflies in my stomach, but I am not allowed to fear. Growing up, I never got the desire to be a part of the film industry. Today, when I do that, I want to enjoy myself. I know that fashion is really important, in Cannes films and fashion goes hand in hand. That was a milestone moment. Cannes is a closed world, there is only cinema.

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