India And 10 Other Nations Abstain From Voting On UNHRC Ukraine Resolution

India, Pakistan and 10 other nations abstained from voting on a UN Human Rights Council resolution which aimed to address the situation in Ukraine caused due to Russia’s ‘aggression’ on Ukraine.

China and Eritrea voted against the resolution. These two were the only nations who voted against the resolution in the 47-member body. The resolution was adopted with 33 members voting in favour of it.

India ahead of the voting while participating in the discussions said that the human rights of Ukrainians must be respected and protected. India said that it is committed to ‘global promotion and protection of human rights’.

The resolution wanted an additional mandate for the Commission of Inquiry established earlier which will probe human rights violations committed by the Russian army in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy.

The resolution urged Moscow to provide international agencies access to people who were forced to leave as the areas they were living in were affected by the conflict. It also asked Moscow to allow international agencies access to people held in the Russia territory.

The resolution was referring to the people Russia evacuated to its own country from parts of Ukraine and Moscow claims that those people sought to enter Russia on their own free will.

Earlier in March, India abstained from voting in the UN body on a resolution which was brought in to establish the commission of inquiry. India on several occasions condemned the civilian killings in Bucha and highlighted the need for an independent probe.

Including today’s vote, India has now abstained from voting on 12 resolutions on Ukraine in the UN and its bodies.

According to The Times Of India, the government said that it is aware of the human rights and humanitarian situation in Ukraine and has received updates from the high commissioner for human rights, the members of the Commission of Inquiry and others.

India’s permanent representative in Geneva IM Pandey said that he received reports which confirmed that women and children are disproportionately impacted due to the war in Ukraine as they were forced to move outside Ukraine to neighbouring countries and also were displaced internally.

He also highlighted that the war is creating troubles for the least-developed and developing countries around the world as it is creating a shortage of foodgrains and fertilisers in the world while oil prices continue to soar.

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