In saga of IAS officers walking their dog in sports stadium, there is only one happy ending

It is rare in any argument among the powerful to find a complete character without blame. In the epic of Chief Secretary Sanjeev Khairwar and his wife (also an IAS Officer of the All India Cadre) walking their dog at Theiagraj Stadium in Delhi, after athletes were forced to stop their training early to allow the dogs a wide berth, there is enough blame to go around – the officers’ sense of entitlement, the culture The broader they represent and even the idea of ​​the ‘punitive’ appointments of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh. However, the figure in the center of the tale is not to blame. After all, the dog did not ask for world-class sports facilities for walking.

Resentment of bureaucrats is understandable. Unfortunately, their dogs’ public image has also become a victim of anger. The pedigree dog, like everything else in an unequal society obsessed with status, is a mark of privilege: from the tiny Pomeranian in the early ’90s, to the German Shepherd and now, husky dogs can be a sign of social mobility as moving from hatchback to sedan car. The Great Dane officers, of the size of this dynasty, were probably supposed to have been a social sign.

Where will the Great Dane go? His fate has been the subject of great concern on social media and beyond. Dogs, like people, are routine creatures and as officers turn to different locations, one is sure to be missed. But there is a silver lining. A city infested with pollution has no place for a large animal, with or without a playground at its disposal. Hills, clean air and space – that’s what a dog needs. In all likelihood, the Dane, unlike the bureaucrat, would not see Ladakh or Arunachal Pradesh as “punitive deployment”.

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