Ilaiyaraaja, P T Usha, Veerendra Heggade and Vijayendra Prasad nominated as RS members

Famous composer Ilaiyaraaja, famous athlete PT Usha, philanthropist Veerendra Heggade and screenwriter Vijayendra Prasad have been nominated as members of Rajya Sabha.

The four appointed representatives represent four states in southern India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted congratulatory messages after the nominations.

Paying tribute to Ilaiyaraaja award-winning Padma Vibhushan, Modi said, “The creative genius of @ilaiyaraaja Ji has wowed people through generations. His works beautifully reflect many emotions. What a similar inspiration is his life’s journey – he grew up from a humble background and achieved so much. Glad he is He was nominated for the membership of the Rajya Sabha.”

The Prime Minister praised PT Osha Award winner Padma Shri and Arjuna saying she is an inspiration to every Indian.

In another tweet, Prime Minister Modi Dharmadhikari of the Dharmasthala temple, Veerendra Heggade, congratulated him on his candidacy as a member of the Rajya Sabha saying it would enrich the parliamentary proceedings.

Modi also congratulated screenwriter Vijayendra Prasad. “…His works showcase the glorious culture of India and have left a global imprint. Congratulations to him on his candidacy for membership in the Rajya Sabha.”

Rajya Sabha had vacancies in the category of candidates.

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