IIT-Bombay students protest fee hike

About 100 students from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay started a spontaneous sit-in protest at the main building of the institute on Tuesday after they were prevented from meeting the principal to present an open letter against the fee increase. The sit-in lasted about an hour until a few institute authorities finally arrived to receive the letter and assured the students that they would consider the demands.

Students at the major Institute of Technology in Mumbai’s Powai area are raising their voices against the exorbitant increase in fees for master’s and doctoral courses. According to information provided by students, the fee structure for both has been increased by 45 percent, in the recently announced fee prospectus for the fall semester.

The secession fee structure for current masters and doctoral students shows a significant increase under all chairs, except for tuition fees. This includes – hostel registration fee, medical fee, examination, electricity and water fee, hostel and chaos fee, student accident insurance fund, student charitable fee, gym fee among all the fees, considering the total fee structure of 16,500 Rs to Rs 23,950. , “One student shared while explaining that new admissions processes are the hardest hit.

“The rise in fees for them is huge with a huge jump in the cost of tuition fees as well. For Ph.D., the tuition fee for new batches is Rs 5,000, which is Rs 2,500. Whereas for Masters students, the tuition fee has increased to Rs 25,000 from Rs 2,500,” he explained requester.

The open letter submitted to the institute’s management, signed by about 1,000 students, demands a full retraction of the fee increase. The letter also highlights that the fee increase is placing an additional financial burden on students while they are already suffering from the effects of severe inflation and the after-effects of the Covid pandemic. Students also mentioned their dissatisfaction with the way fees were raised, as student representatives were not consulted.

The students drafted a student group called IIT Bombay Students Against the Fee Increase to coordinate the protest. Aside from a full rollback of the fee increase, other demands made by the group are: an extension in the fee payment deadline, an increase in scholarships for scholars and transparency in the expenses incurred from fees paid by students. The group appealed to the students not to pay the fees until a decision has been reached on reversing the fee increase.

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