IIM Shillong inaugurates Business Management programme for Defence Officers

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong on Friday opened its Continuing Business Administration Certificate Program for Defense Officers. The 6-month certificate program aims to give executives a comprehensive experience in business management for analysis, strategy and Entrepreneurial thinking.

Through interactive lectures, case studies, sessions with industry experts and management games, Simulation and Student Participation, the course seeks to emphasize experiential learning for the Indian Defense Forces.

Professor DP Goyal, Director of IIM Shillong, explained the significance of the programme, saying: “This program will build on the skills that defense officials already possess as a result of their years. Excellent service to the nation, allowing them to take advantage of class activities and interact with their peers to further enhance their skills. The program provides an opportunity to update and update one’s skills using the latest and rapidly developing technologies. It is a specialized curriculum designed to equip defense leaders with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for a smooth transition into the business world.”

Dr. Goyal stressed to all those present that they should approach the six-month course like students, without considering their positions or titles and trying to understand and learn from each other.

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