‘If you impress Virat Kohli, you might play for India soon’ | Cricket

Bengaluru pacer Akash Deep, who debuted with the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in the 15th edition of the tournament earlier this year, said that India’s veteran cricketer and Bengal mate Manoj Tiwari has a good chance to impress Virat Kohli. Playing for India. Royal Challengers Bangalore first selected right-handed Seamer as a replacement for the injured Washington Sunder in IPL 2021. He didn’t get a match last year but as Tiwari said, he managed to impress Kohli and was later selected for his original price at a mega auction 20 lakhs from RCB

“Manoj (Tiwari) Bhaiya said, ‘Virat is the captain of India, and if you manage to impress him, you can play in next season’s IPL and also for India because you have all the ingredients to be a good fast bowler.’ That was my goal, and I performed well in practice matches and then got selected for auction, ”Akash Deep told The Indian Express.

Akash Deep, who is leading Bengal’s bowling attack against Madhya Pradesh in the Ranji Trophy semifinals, made his debut for the IPL against the Punjab Kings. He was given the cap by none other than Kohli himself. Akash Deep said it was a dream come true.

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“As a child, when we were watching Kohli and Dhoni on TV, I was wondering if I would ever get to meet them in my life. In my mind they were like superheroes. And from where I came from, in my wildest imagination, I never thought I would share a dressing room with Kohli. Sub sapna hai (everything is a dream).

“I was shocked that he knew where I came from, my journey, my struggles and everything. When he gave me the cap, he said, ‘You deserve to be here. Keep doing what you’ve done in the past. Enjoy yourself and stick to your process.’ Akash Deep said it was a very emotional moment.

The 25-year-old cricketer has taken 5 wickets in 5 matches to be played in the IPL this year. He enjoyed the opportunity to share his dressing room with Australian veteran Josh Hazelwood.

“The whole IPL 2022 was a learning experience for me, and the moment we left the bubble, I followed Josh everywhere. I spent most of my time with him. It was surreal because I was watching his bowling on YouTube and now I was bowling together with him.

“Most of the debate is about fast bowling. Off-stump line, their mental strength, how they set batsmen, their game preparation, workload management, how to deal with injuries.”

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