I&B Ministry to Decide on Applying New Programme Code to AIR, Already in Use for DD

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) will take the final call on going into a new program code for state-owned All India Radio (AIR), even though it has been applied to Doordarshan, officials familiar with the matter told News18.

As reported here last month, the joint program code of All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD) – a basic list of what state-owned broadcasters are allowed to broadcast – is being expanded to make it comprehensive to address the latest programming challenges.

According to government officials, the updated software code was recently applied to Doordarshan.

different case

“But for AIR, a decision has to be taken in consultation with the I&B Ministry. This is because all private FM channels are given licenses by the ministry on the basis of their agreement to comply with the AIR broadcast code,” the All India Radio News18 official said.

The previous program code followed by DD and AIR is also called AIR broadcast code.

India currently has about 380 private FM channels and 350 community radio stations.

Currently, FM channels are not allowed to produce their own news but are allowed to broadcast news broadcast by AIR.

new code

The proposed program code expands the existing code with no fewer than 14 additional points, some of which are also in the program and advertising codes under the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994, which govern content broadcast by private satellite channels.

The updated code states that AIR and DD will not broadcast programs that misuse or depict/misrepresent the national flag, the national emblem, the national anthem, and the map of India, or that might cause disharmony in the relations between the Center and the state.

Other new points in the law include not allowing broadcasters to broadcast programs that contain unnecessary and out of context propaganda or glorification of individuals, institutions or organizations, and that are contrary to prevailing laws, including provisions of the Copyright Act of 1957, which exacerbate social injustice and evil . Such as social class, child marriage, dowry, alcohol, and drug abuse, among others.

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