I voted Congress, because I love it, says JD(S) MLA K Srinivasa Gowda

Srinivasa Goda, JD(s) MLA from Kolar, on Friday told reporters that he voted for Congress in Rajya Sabha polls. This comes amid comments by party chairman HD Kumaraswamy that Congress leader Siddaramayah has asked JD(S) MLAs not to vote for their party but for the old grand party.

“I voted for Congress because I love it,” Jodha said.

In the Karnataka Assembly, which has 224 seats, the Congress has 70 seats, the BJP has 121 seats and JD 32. However, the fourth seat turned out to be very significant as both the Congress and the BJP fielded an additional candidate. Congress appointed former environment minister Jeram Ramesh and Mansoor Ali Khan. BJP candidates are Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Representative Jajesh and Karnataka MLC Lahar Singh Siroya. Realty Baron de Copendra Reddy candidate JD (Q).

On Thursday, Sidaramaya posted a message via Twitter, asking JD(S) MLAs to support the Congress candidate, while Kumaraswamy tweeted asking Congress to provide support for the JD(S) candidate to defeat the BJP.

On Friday morning, Coomaraswamy, speaking to reporters, accused Sidaramayah of “trading on a large scale”. “Today, he (Sidharamayah) told the local media that he did not write to MLAs. He even tweeted the message from his social media account. Now, he is denying what he said yesterday. Coomaraswamy was quoted as saying by ANI news agency quoted Coomaraswamy as saying that this shows his double standards.

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