Hyderabad: Man murdered in public view, police suspect wife’s family

In the wake of the murder of a man in Hyderabad by his wife’s relatives of another faith, another 24-year-old man was murdered in the streets of Pejumbazar on Friday, in the presence of his father, by five unknown assailants. , who are reported to be related to his wife’s family.

The accident occurred around 7:30 p.m. near the fish market in Pejumbazar. Neeraj Panwar, deceased, was brutally stabbed and murdered even as his father Rakindra Panwar and other passersby stand as helpless witnesses. Police said they were traveling in two wheels to the Mirchi market when five people stopped them on two bikes and attacked Neeraj with knives.

Shahinayatgong police launched an investigation. Police suspect the wife’s family role, but refuse to give further details. SHO Y Ajay from Shahinayatgunj Police Station told Indianexpress.com that police are collecting evidence, including CCTV footage and checking details. He said the hunt for the five suspects is underway.

According to him, the two families reside in Begumbazar. Neeraj Panwar married Sanjana Yadav a little over a year ago against the wishes of her family. Two months ago, they became parents to a baby boy.

Meanwhile, the family and relatives of the deceased organized a protest on Friday night to demand the immediate arrest of the attackers. Begumbazar traders have called a meeting on Saturday.

On May 4, B Nagarajo (25 years old) was brutally stabbed to death in a public spectacle in the crowded streets of Sarurnagar in Hyderabad by two persons, who were later arrested by the police and identified as the brother of his wife Areen Sultana Syed Mobin Ahmed and his cousin Muhammad Masood Ahmed where they carried A grudge against the first for marrying off her sister against their will.

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