Human wonders why their cat’s head is always wet, video captures funny reason | Trending

A video posted on Reddit of the cat’s head being wet all the time has baffled its foster parents.

Videos showing different behaviors of cats are always fun to watch. Amazing clips usually entertain people and win their hearts. This video shows the funny reason why kitty’s head is always wet. Because there’s a chance you’ll laugh out loud.

Originally shared on TikTok, the video is now being reposted on various platforms. Like this post from an Instagram page shared with the caption, “Such a cute hat.”

The video opens to show a cat lying in bed. A text insert above the video explains, “Wondering why my cat’s head is always wet.” The video then shows why. We’re not spoiling the fun by giving it all away, so take a look:

The video was shared two days ago. It has garnered over 1.6 million views since being posted and the numbers are rising. This sharing has encouraged people to post various comments. “Haha,” posted an Instagram user. Many shared laugh-out-loud emoticons to show their reactions. Some tagged others to watch the video.

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