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Virgil can’t understand how to play a cat catch game. This video highlights what happens when someone throws a ball to catch a cat.

Videos of dogs playing to catch their humans are very common online. And if you enjoy such stuff, chances are you’ve seen many such videos and loved them. However, what happens when someone tries to catch up with their cat? Well, here’s a hilarious video showing what happens to a cat named Virgil.

The funny video was posted on the cat’s Instagram page ‘Virgiltebengel’. This profile covers the life and adventures of Virgil living with his man in Perth, Australia. “Little Leopard. Big Personality, ”the cat’s bio reads on its Instagram page. The clip captures what happens when Virgil’s man tries to catch up with him.

Whenever he throws the ball to catch the cat, he avoids catching it. While Virgil seems to be the best at spotting the ball, he makes no effort to catch it. Even the cat is not interested in bringing the ball and giving it back to his man.

Watch the hilarious video below:

The video posted a day ago has received a lot of comments, especially from other cat accounts on Instagram.

“I’m too royal to bring Hooman!” Reads the comment in the post. “Lol, it takes talent to constantly hit it right in the face,” says another.

Encouraging Kitty and its endeavor, a comment from another cat account, “It’s a gold star fur sure!”

“Hilarious! Got eye coordination but not claw, ”Instagram users respond.

What is your opinion of this cat and the way he plays catch with his man?

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