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A video of a cat asking for a treat from a man in an unusual way has been posted on Reddit

Whether you are a cat parent or really enjoy watching adorable kitty videos, you may already know how much cats love to tell their humans what they want. This video is a great addition to that list. It shows Kitty asking for some treats, and it’s also hilariously cute. The video can make you laugh and make you laugh.

The video was posted on Reddit with a simple caption. “My friend’s cat asks for treats. It makes me very happy, ”it reads. The video shows how the cat hears from the man sitting on the couch.

Watch the video:

The video was posted about 12 hours ago. Since sharing, the clip has amassed over 8,400 likes and the numbers are increasing rapidly. This sharing has prompted people to post various comments. Some even urged the human capturing the video to treat the cute cat.

“Please give the cat some treats,” wrote a Reddit user. “It’s so cute,” another posted. “It couldn’t get any more adorable,” the third commented. “How do you get your cat to do that?” The fourth person asked, “The guy who shared the video answered,” When my friend went to the animal shelter to adopt the cat, she was sitting in the cat room and doing this!

What is your opinion on the video?

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