Hulk star’s appeal to Biden gets sharp reply from Brazil Prez: ‘your masters…’ | World News

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tweeted to US actor Mark Ruffalo, who has criticized the politician following his repeatedly unfounded statements about Brazil’s voting system. Rufalo, the face of the Hulk in a decade of Marvel films, called on US President Joe Biden to “stand up for democracy” during his summit in Los Angeles. Hulk actor Biden said Thursday that the man he would meet “does not respect democracy and constantly threatens rebellion.”

Bolzanaro has repeatedly cast doubts on Brazil’s voting system and is liable to fraud without providing evidence. According to Reuters, their attempts to discredit the October elections have heightened fears that they will not accept defeat.

Responding to the criticism, Bolsanaro asked Ruffalo to read the Brazilian constitution and said he was protecting the rule of law in his country. In a series of tweets, the Brazilian president asserted that his government was “always on the side of democracy and the Constitution.” He alleged that the Brazilian left, which he called Rufalo’s “masters”, wanted to control the press, block freedom of speech and support the dictators of Latin America.

“Dear Mark Ruffles, gentle daum! I’m sure you have never read the Brazilian constitution, but I can assure you this is nothing like the complicated Hulk scripts you have to remember:” AHGFRR. ” I will defend the rule, (sic), ”tweeted Bolsanaro.

“The documents show that my government is always in favor of democracy and the Constitution. The Brazilian Left (your master) wants to control the press, restrict freedom of speech, censor the Internet and financially support a dictatorship like Cuba and Venezuela.

The Brazilian hero used the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an American media franchise in which Hulk is also a part, to defend himself and attack his critics.

“Let me say it simply: If Captain America is elected by +55 million people and Thanos, who is foreign and knows nothing about the US, tries to interfere with the American Territory or the electoral process, it is Thanos and not Captain who disrespects democracy,” Bolzanoaro tweeted.

“By the way, the original Hulk was much cooler. He didn’t need a computer to look powerful, and he understood something about nature,” he said.

(With inputs from Reuters)

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