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The Congress on Wednesday sought to distance itself from party MP Shashi Tharoor after the senior politician backed Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra, who has sparked a major controversy with his remarks about Goddess Kali.

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Congress spokesperson Ragini Naik termed Tharoor’s personal opinion.

“Shashi Tharoor ji expresses his personal views competently and has done the same in this matter. Congress Party’s clear stand is that as Gandhiji said, religion is about personal belief of an individual. But one should be careful not to do things that hurt the feelings of people of other religions. It is everyone’s duty to ensure that, Naik told news agency ANI.

Moitra’s remarks were also his personal opinion, he said, adding that the Trinamool’s move away from the statement was an internal matter of the party.

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Meanwhile, senior Congress leader and lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi, speaking on the issue, said people should be careful when talking about symbols, culture and faith. “I believe that balance must be maintained in the symbols and essences of our faith. The heart and soul of our culture cannot be trivialized by anyone, anywhere,” Singhvi was quoted as saying.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave East 2022 on Tuesday, Moitra said the following about Goddess Kali: “For me, she is a goddess who eats meat and accepts alcohol. I, within Hinduism and as her devotee, have the right to imagine Kali that way. That is my freedom.”

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The Trinamool MP’s comment comes amid controversy over the poster of the documentary ‘Kali’, which shows a woman dressed as a goddess smoking a cigarette.

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Multiple complaints A complaint has been filed against her, including four in her home state of West Bengal.

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