Himachal Pradesh: Tourists stranded mid-air after technical glitch hits cable cars in Parwanoo

Eleven tourists were stranded in the air at Timber Trail Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh as their cable car malfunctioned. Another cable car has been deployed to rescue them and the police are monitoring the operation.

Speaking about the accident, SB (Solan) Varinder Sharma said the resort crew had rescued four people. He added that all of the stranded are tourists from Delhi.

A similar scene was seen on October 13, 1992, when a transmission cable near the docking station broke and the cable car carrying 11 passengers slid backwards. In a panic, the worker jumped out of the car when it started to slip and died after hitting his head against a stone. The joint operation was carried out by 152 helicopters based at Sarsawa in Uttar Pradesh, 1 Para Commando Unit in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh, and Engineers Unit in Chandimandir. The opera was led by Captain Valley H. Major at the time, who became IAF President later in his career.

Major Ivan Joseph Krasto, a commando, used a helicopter crane to land on top of the vehicle. Open the escape hatch on top of the car and lift the passengers, one by one. Due to the malfunctioning light, only four passengers could be rescued on October 14, and Crasto chose to stay the night in the car. The rest of the passengers were rescued the next day.

Crasto was awarded Kirti Chakra for this heroic act while Fali Major was awarded Shaurya Chakra and his pilot Flt Lt P Upadhyay received the Vayu Sena Medal.

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In April of this year, three people died after tourists were stuck in cable cars in Dogar district of Jharkhand for more than 40 hours after a technical problem. In all, 50 people were rescued from the cable car after a breakdown in the 770-meter ropeway leading to Tricot Hills, a popular tourist area.

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