Hike in coal prices: Mohali brick kilns to stop production for six months

On Saturday, members of the Mohali District Brick Owners’ Association announced that they would stop production for six months from June 15 to mark a protest against coal price hikes. There are about 100 bricks in the district.

Speaking to the media, the union’s general secretary Rajesh Agarwal said the price of coal has risen. 9,000 per ton 25,000 per ton in just one year, but the price of bricks is the same. Moreover, the government has increased the GST on brick supply from 5% to 12%, putting a further financial burden on brick kilns.

Meanwhile, association president Kuldeep Singh Makkar said, “If the government does not reduce the price of coal and the GST in brick supply, we will increase the price of bricks, which will affect the common people.”

“In protest against the government, we will stop brick production for six months till December and if the problem is not resolved, we will extend the protest,” he said.

Union members demanded that the government look into this and end the monopoly of large corporations abusing coal prices.

Brick kiln owners stopped production for two months in October, citing a similar problem.

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