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India has said on Tuesday that it has taken a greater share of the repatriation of displaced persons from Myanmar’s Rakhine state, the news agency ANI reported.

Stressing that India is the only country that shares a long border with both Myanmar and Bangladesh, R Madhu Sudan, India’s permanent mission adviser to the United Nations, said India has consistently advocated practical, practical and sustainable solutions to the problem. .

“To this end, we have the support of people on the ground in both Cox’s Bazar and Rakhine State,” the news agency ANI quoted Madhu Sudan.

“We applaud Bangladesh for hosting millions of displaced persons in its territory. We believe it is important for the international community to recognize and understand the humanitarian burden facing Bangladesh and the efforts it has taken to ensure the well-being of displaced persons, ”he said.

Madhu Sudan urged the international community to increase its support for the Bangladesh government’s efforts, both financially and otherwise, and to help ensure that radicalization issues and other security challenges in the camps are resolved quickly.

On May 29, Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen was addressing a conference in Guwahati, where Myanmar citizens were concerned that Bangladeshi refugees were turning to terrorism.

“They have been temporarily sheltered in Bangladesh for the last five years and they want to return home. Since repatriation has not yet begun, they are desperate and many are engaging in criminal activities such as drug and human trafficking, violence and other crimes,” he said.

Speaking about the influx of thousands of people from Myanmar across India’s borders, Madhu Sudan said, “Any instability in Myanmar directly affects India. The worsening humanitarian situation and incidents of violence have caused thousands of people from Myanmar to migrate across our borders. Restoration is very important to us.

Madhu Sudan stressed that India is a long-standing friend of the people of Myanmar. We have given vaccines to Myanmar, ”the Indian ambassador said.

In 2017, thousands of Rohingya fled Rakhine State of Myanmar after armed attacks, violence and human rights violations. He traveled for days on foot through forests or crossed the Bay of Bengal to reach Bangladesh, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said. Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is described as the world’s largest and busiest refugee camp. According to UNHCR, about 11 lakh Rohingya refugees are staying in makeshift camps at Cox’s Bazar.

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