Here’s where UK’s Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak stand on issues from taxes to China

field of politics Les Truss Rishi Sonic Economy / Taxes
  • Proposes more than 30 billion pounds ($36 billion) in tax cuts to put ‘money back into people’s pockets’
  • It may reflect the rise in National Insurance that Sunak brought this year
  • Green tax moratorium to cut average energy bills by £153
  • Would you cancel the planned increase in next year’s corporate tax to 25% from 19%?
  • Delayed repayment of covid debt
  • Reform the tax system to make it fairer, including reviewing the treatment of families as single tax entities
  • favors a more interventionist monetary policy; We will look again at the Bank of England transfer
  • He says the recession predicted by the Bank of England can be avoided
  • He calls Truss’ “immoral” plans to pile debt on future generations
  • The top priority is controlling inflation
  • Supports tax cuts in the long run
  • It plans to temporarily reduce VAT on local energy bills if it rises above £3,000. In the government he was opposed to such a reduction
  • As Minister, he announced a penny cut in income tax by 2024; Now he says he will cut another 3p by 2030
  • Stick to the corporate tax increase plan in 2023
  • Tax reform to reward companies that invest and avoid penalizing SMEs
  • Expressed concern about the BOE’s Truss proposals
Brexit/Northern Ireland
  • Voted to stay but has since embraced the holiday and with the support of prominent Tory supporters
  • Architect of the Northern Ireland Protocol that would overturn the bulk of the provisions relating to the region in the UK’s Brexit deal with the European Union
  • Pledges to abolish all EU regulations by the end of 2023, including Solvency II and MiFID II rules in the ‘bureaucracy’ fire
  • Voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union
  • Supports the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill
  • Businesses want to see the benefits and freedoms that Brexit creates
  • A new Brexit-handing section plans to review 2,400 EU laws in Britain’s legislative book with the aim of abolishing or reforming them by the next election.
  • Supports government plan to deter small boat crossings from France by deporting arrivals to Rwanda
  • The policy will extend to more countries
  • Intensify law enforcement efforts to prosecute criminal gangs responsible for human trafficking
  • Increase front-line border force by 20% and double the number of naval personnel
  • Addressing the labor shortage in agriculture through the short-term expansion of the seasonal workers programme
  • It has a 10-point immigration plan that narrows down the definition of individuals eligible for asylum
  • He supports Rwanda’s deportation plan, saying he will do “whatever it takes” to make it work
  • ‘Small Boat Task Force’ plans to tackle the smuggling of people through the canals from France
  • He wants a “more effective” relationship with France
  • It would put a cap on asylum seekers
  • Interior Ministry reform, border force
Defense / Ukraine
  • Spend at least 3% of GDP on defense by 2030
  • Maintaining UK leadership in support of Ukraine including through sanctions against Russia and provision of heavy weapons to Ukraine
  • Keeping dialogue open with Russian President Vladimir Putin but only to ‘call’ him
  • He takes a “threat-based approach” to defense spending, pledging to invest “whatever it takes to keep our country safe,” while staying away from “random numbers”
  • Continuing to support Ukraine with arms, financing and sanctions
  • You will not deal with Putin
Housing / Planning
  • regionally adapting policies to make housing affordable; Building vertically in cities and allowing villages to expand gradually
  • A common approach to industry and infrastructure so that new housing is built where there are new jobs
  • Community consent is essential for planning
  • Include rent payments in mortgage assessments to allow up to 50% of tenants to move up the real estate ladder
  • Abolish the “top-down” housing goals, tear up the red tape to promote housing construction
  • Low-tax, low-regulated, low-plan “investment zones” including the creation of new cities
  • Ensuring the protection of the green belt for the surrounding villages and cities
  • Does not support “arbitrary” build targets
  • He describes his planning policy as “Brownfield, Brownfield, Brownfield”
  • Change planning rules to allow for denser housing in inner cities
  • Flat-pack modular housing reinforcement
  • Deal with “land banks” by developers to ensure more land is available for construction
  • Reducing the number of empty shops on the main streets by allowing commercial buildings to be reused for other purposes
  • Reducing the UK’s dependence on China
  • Adoption of the ban on China for important national infrastructure projects
  • Strengthening the Commonwealth as a counterweight to China through trade and investment
  • He says the UK should crack down on China’s TikTok
  • China says ‘No. 1 threat’ to UK security
  • the closure of all 30 Confucius Institutes in the UK; A review of research partnerships between China and the United Kingdom
  • Pursuing a ‘NATO-style’ alliance to defend against Chinese ‘technological aggression’
  • Chinese industrial anti-espionage
  • Consider blocking Chinese acquisitions of major assets in the UK
Energy / Climate Change
  • Supports net zero goals, but not at the expense of individuals and companies
  • He sees a strong case for lifting the fracking ban
  • Supports net zero goals
  • UK energy supremacy by 2045; Focus on offshore wind
  • It will not end with stopping the wild winds
  • Create a dedicated Ministry of Energy
  • The second referendum on Scottish independence is ruled out
  • Scrap Failed Schools, Allow Creating New Base Schools
  • Reducing accumulated delays in the NHS by eliminating bureaucracy
  • Set the police goal to reduce serious crime and neighborhood crime by 20% by the end of this parliament
  • Recruit an additional 20,000 cops
  • It would make it difficult for trade unions to agree on strikes
  • supports single-sex spaces; That would cut diversity officers into the civil service
  • Committed to Johnson’s core policy of scaling up economic opportunity, he faced a recent misstep by declaring – and then reversing – a policy of setting public sector payments at the regional level according to the cost of living
  • The second referendum on Scottish independence is ruled out
  • Supports new grammar schools
  • The task force plans to address the backlog of the NHS
  • Build over 100 specialized surgical centers to reduce waiting times
  • £10 fine for missing doctor’s appointments
  • Expand police powers to tackle anti-social behavior such as graffiti and littering
  • would prevent biological men from competing in women’s sports; He undertakes to legislate so that a person’s gender means his biological sex
  • Committed to settling politics

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