He Had to Pay His Son’s School Fee

Gujarat Police have arrested a man for allegedly killing a Mumbai businessman to pay his son’s school fees. The body of Mansukbhai, 60, nicknamed Manubhai Mavjibhai Satara from Mulund, a suburb of Mumbai, was found in Wadala village in Gujarat on April 26. According to the family, Mansukhbay had no enemies.

Police found that a gold chain and a bracelet were missing from Mansukbhai’s body. His wife had earlier told the police, “At the time of the accident, Mansukhbai was wearing a bracelet of 36 grams of gold and 1.60 lakh of gold chains with a locket. His decorations were also robbed.”

Mundra Maritime Police are investigating the Bhuj Local Crime Branch and Special Operations Group in the case. Police discovered that a man from Wadala village deposited a gold bracelet in Madra Bank on April 24 to take out a loan.

After visiting the bank, the police discovered that Vala Nagshi Gadvi, from Wadala village, had taken a gold loan of Rs 1.10 thousand by depositing the bracelet in the bank at 1.20 pm on April 24. The bank’s dues were paid with interest. Based on this information, the police questioned Vala, who later confessed to the crime.

Vala Gadvi told the police that he desperately needed the money to pay his son’s school fees. Thus, Mansukbhai was tempted to buy a plot of land at a cheap price. He allegedly stabbed the businessman 12 times with a knife.

Later, he took the gold jewelry and deposited the bracelet in the bank to take out a loan. Vala Gadhvi hid Mansukhbhai’s locket in his house, the gold chain is said to have been given to a gold merchant. Vala is in police custody now.

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