‘He Gave Me Fake Jewellery; Salman Khan Helped Me’

Rakhi Sawant has separated from her husband Ritesh.  She shared the news on Instagram.

Rakhi Sawant has separated from her husband Ritesh. She shared the news on Instagram.

Rakhi Sawant has responded to the allegations of her ex-husband Ritesh that he helped her financially a lot.

Rakhi Sawant has once again criticized her ex-husband Ritesh for his claims that he was “spending millions of rupees” on her and that she “has no problem” getting her. On Friday, Rakhi was seen crying unbearably with her new boyfriend Adil Khan by her side as she visited Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai to file a complaint after all her social media accounts were hacked. Rakhi alleged that Ritesh hacked her accounts.

Now, Rakhi has claimed that Ritesh did not help her at all during her mother’s treatment and that it was Salman Khan who gave her the financial support. “He (Ritesh) is lying. And let me tell you that the jewelry he gave me was fake. I went to a jeweler to sell it when I needed money for my mom’s ongoing treatment. He laughed at me. I was told it was not real gold,” she told ETimes.

She further said, “Let me also tell you that he admitted my mother in the hospital but after that, he did not help me financially. Riteish has a lot of money but it was Salman Khan who helped me.”

Rakhi also made it clear that she has restored her social media accounts. “As far as the hacking of my social media accounts goes, he brought my accounts back to me today. I changed my passwords. And so, I am going to take back the police complaint I filed against him yesterday.”

Earlier, Rakhi claimed that when she and Rich were together, he handled her social media accounts, but after their separation, she did not change the passwords.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant recently introduced her fans to her new boyfriend, Bengaluru-based businessman Adil Khan Durrani.

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