HD Kumaraswamy lashes out at BJP, lists out 16 dynasties in its Karnataka unit | Bengaluru

Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy on Wednesday listed ’16 family dynasties’ in BJP’s Karnataka unit and criticized the saffron party for repeatedly calling the JD(S) a dynasty party.

Everyone understands the sum and essence of BJP’s Mission Dakshin, Yoga in Mysore and Manthan in Hyderabad, he said, referring to the PM’s incidents in the South and statements against dynastic politics.

In a series of tweets, the JD(S) second-tier command hit back at the BJP in Karnataka for calling him a ‘lucky dip chief minister’ on Wednesday. “You talked about family rule. I have already given the list. Again for your attention. 1. Yeddyurappa and Sons 2. Ravi Subrahmanya-Tejaswi Surya 3. Ashoka-Ravi 4. V. Somanna-Arun Somanna 5. Arvind Limbavali-Raghu 6. SR Vishwanath-Vani Vishwanath 7. Jagadish Shettar-Pradeep Shettar-8. H.H. Nirani 9. G.S. Basavaraju-Jyoti Ganesh 10. Jarakiholi family 11. Katthi family 12. Jolla family 13. Angadi family 14. Udasi family 15. Sriramulu family 16. Reddy brothers,” he said, ”Your family lineage. Even more.

I know “chain of BJP family politics”, should I expose the nationwide family politics in BJP? When talking about family politics in the states you rule, you can write ‘parivarakoti’. Kumaraswamy expressed outrage against the BJP’s repeated accusations that the JDS is a dynastic party.

Often, some BJP leaders call the JD(S) a ‘father-son’ party, i.e. a ‘father-son party’ with former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy in second place. In a set of tweets today, the JDS leader lashed out at the BJP for calling him ‘Lucky Dip CM’. “In Lucky Dip I cry whether I win or lose. If someone calls me lucky dip CM, I get irritated and scratch my body. Can you guess who I am? I am lucky dip CM H DK,” BJP Karnataka unit tweeted.

Explaining the meaning of ‘lucky dip CM’, the BJP said that Kumaraswamy became chief minister twice by sheer luck, as despite having double-digit MLAs, he bagged the coveted post through a ‘lucky draw’. The JD(S) leader replied to ‘Lucky Dip’ Jibe, “Yes. I am Lucky Dip CM, now what? Did your CM get a mandate in the election? How can you forget that your CM is also lucky? 20:20 Ask a former Deputy Chief Minister in Govt. How many Lucky Dip CMs are there in @BJP4Karnataka?” ?I am the one who showed BJP, who was not in power until then, to power,” he added.

Saying that Lucky Dip is not shy about being called Chief Minister, he has often described himself as an “accidental CM”. He asked if the tag ‘Lucky Dip CM’ was inferior to ‘Operation Kamala CM’. The term ‘Operation Kamala’ refers to the BJP’s deliberate attempt to draw elected representatives from opposition parties to form the government.

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