‘Have Been Able to Defend Scores, but Haven’t Been Able to Chase’-Mike Hesson

Mumbai: Royal Challengers Bangalore Cricket Director Mike Hesson said a prolonged bad patch can erode someone’s confidence, and it’s only mortals that Virat Kohli has been so desperate for some luck that he hasn’t come his way lately. Kohli finally showed glimpses of his old self with a charred 73 in a successful chase that kept RCB in the playoff berth equation.

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After finding 13 different ways to get fired, Kohli had some greenery on his way and that was because he didn’t stop working hard, Hesson said.

“The fact that he (Virat) was working so hard in the net and trying to find a rhythm out of the play matches, away from the competition, allowed him to maintain that confidence,” Hesson said at the post-match conference.

But after being sent off on the cheap in 12 out of 13 games, Hesson feels a little pressure on the human only.

“But no doubt when you go through a patch like that – he’s just a human, you know then you start to doubt and wonder when your luck will turn. Look, a bit of luck tonight but he definitely won him all this IPL,” Hesson said.

While RCB is on edge and could lose out in the top four if the Delhi Capitals beat the Indians in Mumbai on Saturday, Hesson was pleased with Kohli’s performance.

“Look, I’m so happy. It just shows like, (in) any team if you get the highest shooting level and (have) a player like Virat, it makes the rest of the chase a lot easier.”

“Obviously chasing the results here has not been our forte so far in this IPL. Hesson explained why it has been a difficult journey for the RCB team.

“We know Virat is the master of the chase and he set the tone again today. It was a crucial match for us and the big players stood up. We know when Virat is in that frame of mind, good luck (to the opposition), because he can take away the match from anyone.”

Before the match against Gujarat, Kohli was going through a weak phase, but Hesson said there was no set pattern for his dismissal.

“It started in Pune and then from that point on it ran out of it a few times. The one off the hip obviously found (Virat) pretty much every way out. So he’s in there, and there certainly wasn’t a pattern to those separations,” Hesson explained.

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