Haryana RS polls: Timeline of BJP-JJP’s swift action versus faction-riven Cong’s resort move

The BJP coalition and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Haryana took full advantage of the state’s congressional infighting to make gains during Friday’s elections in the Rajya Sabha, resulting in a situation where Congress candidate Ajay Makin was unable to pass despite the party having the required numbers .

In a brutal election, the outcome of which was known early Saturday, media baron Kartikeya Sharma emerged victorious as dissident MLA Congress Kuldeep Bishnoi did not vote for Maken, while another MLA party Kiran Choudary allegedly cast the “wrong vote”.

In the 90-member Haryana House of Representatives, the BJP includes 40 MLAs, 31 Congress, and 10 JJPs. Apart from them, there are seven independent MLAs and one legislator each from the Lok Dal Indian National Party and the Haryana Lokhit Party.

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The state was heading to the Rajya Sabha elections for two seats. The BJP was confident that its candidate, Krishan Panwar, would win. Congress also hoped that McCain would grab the House floor. However, the competition became even tougher when Media Baron Kartikeya Sharma, son of former Union Minister and Congress Party leader Vinod Sharma, joined the fray as an independent candidate.

Here is a timeline of what has happened in the politics of Haryana since Sharma entered the Rajya Sabha battle:

On May 31, the JJP party led by Dushyant Chautala backed Sharma from 10 MLAs, forcing the faction-torn Congress to act. The Congress then moved the MLAs to Raipur in party-ruled Chhattisgarh on 2 June to keep their herd together. However, only 28 of the 31 MLAs reached the Raipur resort. Bishnoi and Chaudhry did not join them.

In Raipur, the Haryana conference was packed as it organized a ‘training session’ for lawmakers to prepare them for polling day on June 10. They remained at the resort until June 9. On the other hand, the BJP upped the ante during this period.

On 3 June, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced that the BJP would support Sharma’s candidacy. Subsequently, at least six out of a total of seven independent MLAs announced their support for Sharma.

On June 5, Gopal Kanda of Haryana Loket Party announced his support for Sharma. On June 9, Abhay Chautala of India’s National Lok Dal announced that he would support him.

There is a tradition in politics that dissent must be stopped. “From here, we will extend our support to independent candidate Kartikeya Sharma,” said BJP Chairman Om Prakash Dankar.

Bishnoi, who was resentful of the Congress leadership for not being named congressional president, would not vote for the party’s candidate, further helping the ruling coalition’s cause.

On polling day, June 10, the independent MLA Raj Kundu, who had been vocal against the BJP, the JPJ and the Congress, abstained from voting, leaving a total of 89 MLAs. JJP’s Digvijay Chautala, the party’s election agent, was the first to raise an objection in the polling hall to the voting of two MLAs, B.B. Batra and Kiran Choudhry. They allegedly violated the secrecy of the ballot. Sharma and Panwar also joined him. The officer in charge rejected their objections, but the matter was referred to the Election Commission.

After midnight, the counting began and one vote in Congress, reportedly cast by Kiran Chaudhry, was rejected for “mismarking the ballot”. Only 88 votes were counted as the ruling camp candidates had an advantage due to sufficient numbers of their first and second preferred votes. While Panwar won smoothly, Sharma also made it through in the end. Congressional candidate McCain narrowly lost.

The BJP had taken the MLAs to Oberoi-Sukhvilas Resort on the outskirts of Chandigarh for a day on 9 June. their training. “(Congress) failed, and we passed,” Khattar said.

Kuldeep Bishnoi made an open voice. He heard the voice of his inner soul. He must have done so after being influenced by the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government. Bishnoi heard the voice of his inner soul to connect with the feelings of the nation. He voted without thinking what action his party would take against him, but he heard Antar Atma and cast his vote. said Khattar in what clearly sounded like a welcome to Bishnoi at the Saffron Party.

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