Haryana: Four of family, including three women, elected to Ladwa civic body

The civic body elections in Haryana became a family affair for the Khurana, as four of them were elected to the Ladwa Municipal Committee, one of whom was Sakshi Khurana, who was elected president.

The family consists of five members and four members of the municipal committee consisting of 15 wards. Interestingly, all three women members of this family are now in active politics at the ward level.

According to previous records, this family has dominated the elections of several civic bodies and it is the third consecutive term that one of the family members has won the presidency.

Prior to his rise to the top post of witness in the 2016 elections, his aunt Kaushalya Khurana remained president as he was elected with the support of the Indian National Lokal. Sakshi was made president by aiding BJP supporters in the indirect elections of 2016, replacing allegiance to the BJP in 2015.

According to the latest results, Sakshi Ladwa is the chairperson of the municipal committee, while her husband Amit Khurana is a member of Ward 10, while her mother-in-law Kaushalya Ward is elected by a margin of 5 to 500 votes. Her sister-in-law Smriti Khurana ward number 7.

Rajesh Khurana, the only non-political member of the family, said, “This was made possible by the overwhelming support of the Ladwa people who have exercised their love and affection for us and have chosen all four members of our family.”

“I did not contest the election, but I had to handle all the four-member campaign, especially my sister-in-law,” he said.

“This is the first election where I and his niece Smriti Khurana have contested,” Amit said.

He said his brother Rajesh was instrumental in motivating the three women members of the family into politics. “When there was a good response from the people, we decided to field four members,” he said.

The newly elected Ladwa civic chairperson is also a mother of a baby girl, calling on all members of the municipal committee, not just family members, to complete pending projects and meet people’s expectations.

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