Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor shows off his sneaker closet that houses hundreds of shoes worth lakhs: ‘Value is an afterthought’

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor, who was recently appreciated for his performance in Thar, recently gave a tour of his home and his sneaker closet to a YouTube channel. In the video, Harsh also gives a tour of the outdoor space that’s surrounded by greenery and the actor says it “feels like Goa almost.”

Moving on to his sneaker closet, which Harsh has organised quite aesthetically, he shows off some of his best finds. One of the sneakers, he says, is likely a pair that was previously owned by pop star Justin Bieber, though Harsh isn’t certain. “I like used stuff. I think it has character, it’s good for the environment, it’s cheaper,” he said earlier in the video.

Harsh showed off a few sneakers that are said to cost Rs 12 lakh, Rs 11 lakh, Rs 10 lakh each, among hundreds in his collection. “I like to collect things that I love. The value of it is an afterthought. It’s not the first parameter of why I buy them,” he previously said in the video.

Harsh, in an earlier interview with Mashable India, had spoken about his love for pre-owned cars and said that he wants to buy a pre-owned Lamborghini that will cost him around Rs 1 crore. He said that he has looked into newer models as well but those will cost him around Rs 3 crore.

He also clarified that he pays for his own stuff. He said, “I hate to break it to the audience, but the reality is that my parents have no interest in paying for my sh*t.”

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