Harsh Goenka shares a ‘short but very deep’ resignation letter. Makes this point

Recently, many strange resignation letters have been circulating on social media. Instead of explaining the reasons for their resignation, many simply wrote a sentence or two into the letters.

cruel goenkaRPG Enterprises, president of RPG Enterprises, also shared a photo of one such short letter of resignation. The business mogul took to Twitter to share a picture of the letter dated June 18. Maza Nahin on the relief! Sincerely yours, Rajesh.” It appears to be written on the back of a printed sheet.

Emphasizing the work culture and the need to find solutions, Goenka tweeted“This message is short but very profound. A serious problem that we all need to solve…”

Twitter replied to Goenka commenting on the handwriting. The user wrote, “Sir, your handwriting is so elegant. Maza Aya!” Goenka replied, “You caught me.”

Many users approved the tone of the resignation letter but some users found it unprofessional. One Twitter user wrote, “OK. Work environment is critical. It’s not a job. It should always be an invitation.” Another user commented, “Yeah sure we need to solve this problem today, I think everyone is having the same problem, but some say it directly and some are silent, I think this guy is a straight forward guy we need to solve the problem of each and every one.”

One LinkedIn user commented, “I think the message is too vague. If someone hires you and you don’t want to continue, you owe a very detailed explanation to leave the company. The explanation can be negative or positive but needs to be detailed. This is unacceptable.”

Another user wrote, “I applaud your transparency and courage, but it is also important that leaders are to some extent responsible for creating the culture, and a sense of belonging in the daily routine.”

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According to reports, the rate of attrition in companies has witnessed a significant increase in recent times. They also said the great resignation was mainly due to burnout and factors such as employees’ desire for a more stable career.

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