Hardik relishes captaincy, says it brings best out of him

He took the gold medal in his debut season as a captain in the Premier League, and Hardik Pandya admits the responsibility brings out the best in him on the cricket ground.

Hardek, who led the Gujarat Titans to the IPL title and first season earlier this year, has been named as captain of the Indian team in the two-game international T20 series against Ireland, which begins here on Sunday.

The wrecked rider said he believed in taking charge on the field. “Earlier, too, I loved taking responsibility and now it’s the same too, but it’s a little bit bigger now. Hardek said during a virtual press conference on the eve of the first T20I.

“If I can take ownership of my own things and make my own decisions, they tend to be strong. Cricket is such a game, staying strong during situations is very important.

“Responsibility was always given to me and I took it and that is why I became better. As a captain, I will see how I can give the same responsibility to every player and give them the ability to fight in situations.”

Hardik has learned a lot about leadership qualities by playing under two captains Mahindra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli, but he said each captain has his own style.

“Obviously I took a lot of things from them (Dhoni and Kohli) but at the same time I also want to be myself, my understanding of the game is obviously different but I took a lot of good vibes from them.

“I’m not instinctive but I see a situation more than just going with my intuition. Anytime, and what decision the team takes, I focus on that rather than on my intuition. Gott always 50-50,” said Gott.

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