Gunwant Patil, member of Centre’s MSP panel, says aim is to liberalise agriculture sector, help farmers benefit from open market

Patil, a veteran member of Shetkari Sanghatana, the farmers’ organization formed by the late Sharad Joshi, told The Indian Express that the platform given to him will allow him to bring about changes in the way MSP is calculated as well as help farmers take advantage of the open market.

“If a farmer gets MSP higher than his cost of production, there will be no problem in the agriculture sector. However, the way in which production cost is calculated is important. We, at Sangatana, have a synthetic method for calculating the same and I will put it up in the committee for discussion,” he said. . He said that the correct correlation between production cost and MSP is important, and therefore should be addressed by the Central Committee.

Patel said farming is now restricted by multiple laws and farmers are always connected. He pointed out that the monopoly of agricultural products marketing committees and the various laws restricting trade in agricultural commodities harmed the sector.

Wheat prices skyrocketed due to the Ukraine crisis. If our farmers were allowed to export directly, they would have benefited from this move. I will use this platform to educate farmers about the benefits of the open market.”

Earlier, the center’s decision to repeal the Three Farm Laws was met with strong protest from Sanghatana. Patel, like other members of the organization, said this measure was detrimental to the sector. “What we need is to get farmers to understand that the MTP is not the end of things, and we have to make them aware of the benefits of the open market,” he said.

The center’s MSP committee includes representatives from farmers’ organizations, cooperatives, and agricultural experts, among others. Besides Patel, Mr. Pasha Patel of Maharashtra was included as the representative of the farmers. The Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), which spearheaded farmers’ protests against the three repealed farming laws, was asked to nominate three members, an offer it rejected.

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