Gujarat: Two Asiatic lion cubs make debut public appearance at Sardar Patel Zoological Park

Two Asian lion cubs born into captive breeding at Sardar Patel Zoo and Jungle Safari located near the Unity Statue in Ekta Nagar (formerly Kivadia) in Narmada district, made their first public appearance on Sunday. Cherubian twins, Reva and Simba, born to girl Shraddha in February this year, will become part of the regular show at the safari park.

On Sunday, the cubs were released into the enclosure for public viewing, where they indulged in playful acts and became the center of attraction for tourists. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Managing Director of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd. , (SSNNL) took to Twitter to announce the “Good News”. Gupta said, “Reva and Simba, two adorable lion cubs born to a Shraddha lioness, were released on a sprawling jungle safari in Ekta Nagar today. They are healthy and playful, thanks to the warmth and care of their caretakers.” Gujarat, which is home to Asian lions, usually sees the birth of lion cubs in the Gir Sanctuary, but this is the first of its kind at Sardar Patel Zoo in Ekta Nagar.

The jungle safari has been the home of Shraddha’s lioness and her partner Sola for more than two years. Officials said that Sulh and Shraddha met with the intention of mating. Since they showed compatibility and compatibility, the animal keepers and the team of doctors carefully monitored the mating process. In the end, they succeeded in the breeding process, which resulted in the birth of two cubs in zoo captivity. The delivery was said to have been “stress-free, despite the constant influx of visitors,” according to a statement from Safari Park in February of this year.

The zoo also saw a pair of tigers and deer giving birth to offspring this year. The authorities said that several birds from the cages of the safari park managed to hatch eggs and multiply in numbers.

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