Guinness alert: World’s largest Scotch egg weighs…

British chef recorded a file Guinness world record To make the world’s largest Scotch egg with a vegetable-based coating. Can you guess the size? According to the records website, he weighs 8,341 kg (18 lb 5 oz).

For those without taste, the Scotch egg is known to be a British snack that consists of a hard-boiled egg topped with sausage meat, rolled in breadcrumbs, and fried.

Chef Lee Evans who works for egg supplier Clarence Court and is based in Lacock, Wiltshire, took it upon himself to “show the versatility of their eggs, making his own recipe out of pea eggs, mint and cheddar cheese.”

It is worth noting that the dish used me the largest egg from CollectionOstrich eggs 1.7 kg, with vegetable external ingredients such as peas, cheddar cheese, sage, onions and breadcrumbs as well as various spices. All ingredients have been pre-mixed and made into a paste using a food processor.

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Then it is wrapped around an ostrich egg. Then the whole piece was wrapped in clingfilm and placed in a blast cooler, to help make it strong enough to be handled safely without collapsing, website mentioned.

After 30 minutes, it was rolled in semolina and liquid egg, and rolled in panko breadcrumbs.

They are then placed in a tray with preheated sunflower oil, covered with granules and placed in the oven for 26 minutes. Then, it was weighed by an independent qualified surveyor. To ensure that the thickness of the outer plant layer does not exceed the width of the egg according to Guinness guidelines, the egg was cut in half.

scottish egg Chef Lee Evans with his creation (Source: Guinness World Records)

“This was my first time, having never made anything of this magnitude in my culinary career! I always enjoy a challenge, and this was one I really enjoyed. I am happy to break a Guinness world record (Title) And I had so much fun making this favorite picnic food so much but I’m glad I got a lot of practice before judging day! Chef Lee told the recording site.

After measuring and submitting the certificate, the scottish egg It was taken to the on-site staff restaurant where Clarence Court employees ate it, the registry website reported.

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