GRP arrest gang of four women tricking train passengers and robbing them | Mumbai news

MUMBAI: Four women in their 20s, who were part of a notorious gang that robbed long-distance railway passengers, were arrested on Wednesday by officers of the Crime Branch of the Government Railway Police (GRP). The modus operandi of these women is to pretend that they are traveling alone and need help. They start conversations with people to gain their trust and steal their things.

Women from Aurangabad periodically visit Mumbai and board long-distance trains from Dadar or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), police officials said.

The accused have been identified as Priyanka Ajay Bhosle (22), Sumitra Bhosle (25), Ratrani Pawar (24) and Sheela Kale (23), who were arrested from Aurangabad and brought to Mumbai and produced before the court, GRP crime branch officials said. .

The gang members travel from Aurangabad to Mumbai every two or three days and get down at Dadar or CSMT railway stations, officials said. “They then disperse and board random long-distance trains pretending to be traveling alone,” said GRP Crime Branch PI Ashok Holkar.

After selecting a target, mostly a woman, and having a conversation with a passenger, the arrested women would quietly open the chains of their purses or bags and steal cash and valuables, Holkar said.

Last one month ago, Gram Panchayat received a lot of complaints about theft of gold ornaments and cash in bags from passengers, and when the police questioned the complainant, it was found that the complainant was talking to an unknown woman.

“I was getting into the train when a woman inquired about Shatabdi Express. She looked lost, so I helped her and let her sit on my berth. She then started talking to me and told me that after Thane station she had to get up and go to the bathroom, but she never came back. An hour later, when I checked my bag, I realized it was cash 43,000 and my iPhone is missing,” said Shreya Mahesh Kawle (40), who was traveling from Mumbai to Sindhudurga on May 30.

Another passenger, Shobha Dilip Parab (67), contacted the police on June 26, complaining that gold jewelery was missing from her bag after she got off the Janshatabdi Express.

After receiving these complaints, GRP has prepared a special team to trace the thieves. With the help of CCTV footage and cyber-crime police officials, they identified the pattern of thefts committed by the women and the routes they chose to escape. “These women often steal and get off at stations after Thane or Kalyan. Holkar said, “We have monitored every station that these women used as an escape route.

The GRP crime branch detected the three members of the gang alighting at the Kalyan railway station from the footage of the CCTV cameras installed at the station. He noticed that the three women had left Kalyan together by train. Officers followed the route and a further trail of CCTV footage revealed that they landed in Aurangabad. “We later alerted our informers and traced their identities and addresses and arrested the women. They are related and stay nearby,” said a police officer.

When the women were interrogated, they confessed to committing at least 20 thefts in the last four months, the police officer said, adding that the women had recovered gold and cash stolen from Kawle and Parab. 3 lakhs.

“We have arrested four and now we are finding out if they have more accomplices,” said Holkar, adding that all the four women are cousins ​​and learned how to commit the crimes from elders in the family. The elderly women also had previous criminal records and were arrested by the GRP for allegedly committing similar offenses in outstation trains.

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