Grammy award-winning music producer Jerry Wonda: The influence of Indian music is on the rise

Grammy Award-winning Haiti music producer Jerry Wonda has worked with many artists in India. Talking about the Indian music industry, he says he has traveled to India for years and loves culture, food, people and music.

“In fact, in the music I created for Global Gross Wellness Application, Roundglass Living, you hear Amrita Sen (singer )’s Indian vocals. The influence of Indian music is increasing and there are many unique sounds and instruments. The musical scales are also very unique, and it is exciting to think about. Today you can already hear the influence of Indian music on both hip hop and pop – and this is just the beginning, ”he says.

Do any musician or artist in India want to collaborate and whose music do they enjoy?

“There are some great young artists in India. Sun J of Qatarqan caught my attention a couple of years ago with their hip-hop group. I’m looking forward to hearing their new EP, ”he explains.

Wonda has collaborated with many big names in the music world, from Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Shakira to Justin Bieber.

Talking about who is more fun or rewarding to work with, she shares, “It’s not an easy question for me. I will say that in most of my experiences I have tried to make real life connections with artists in some capacity. I worked with them when the artists started and 20 years later I ran with them and we were never apart.

The 46-year-old says he’s happy to see the evolution of music so far in his career.

Every five years, a new style of music emerges and most of the time it is influenced by different cultures such as Afrobeats or Reggaeton. The biggest global success that can change his or her life is with her family and sometimes her / her community’s life.

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