Gopiaravindh Raja of Parithabangal Duo Gopi-Sudhakar Gets Engaged; See Pics

Gopiaravindh Raja, turned YouTube actor, got engaged to Yamuna, and photos from their engagement are circulating widely. In the photos, the actor is dressed in a faded pink and maroon suit with sunglasses, looking dashing as usual, while Yamuna is dressed in a fairy costume consisting of a purple silk saree. She wore her saree with a contrasting green blouse and they were all decorated like a doll.

Some close friends, notably Dhuniya Sudhakar, Gopiaravindh’s YouTube partner, joined the couple for their engagement party. Interestingly, Sudhakar also got engaged last year.

Meanwhile, Gopi has risen to prominence with his YouTube channel Parithabangal. Entertaining videos with Sudhakar have earned him a lot of attention and fans. Netizens were amazed at their impersonation of Indian politicians. They boast a total of 3.68 million subscribers on YouTube.

Gopi and Sudhakar are college classmates, and they have also collaborated in comedic roles on the big screen. The comic duo have had success in movies like hip-hop Tamil Aadi and Zombie. Currently, they are focusing on the silver screen.

Earlier in 2018, the two founded their own production company, Parithabangal Productions. Gopi and Sudhakar recently announced that they will collaborate again on their home production Hey Money Come Today Go Tomorrow, which is said to be the biggest crowdfunded movie.

Last year, the couple revealed that they will play lead roles in this upcoming movie. Vadivelu’s iconic dialogue from his movie Manadhai Thirudivittai is said to have inspired the project.

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