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A video showing the dog walking is shared on Instagram.

If you are looking for happy stuff to boost your mood quickly, here is a video of a dog that can help. The video, shared on Instagram, shows the stills of a golden retriever dog named Lady. Video is winning hearts online and can have the same effect on you.

“Okay now you have it, you’re welcome,” reads the caption of the video shared on Instagram with the hashtags #flyingdoggo and #happydoggo. This video is a compilation of six photographs of the Golden Retriever. The text’s insert on the video is, “You’ve seen a dog dance… But have you seen a dance in the air?”

Watch the video here:

Since its sharing seven days ago, the video has garnered more than a million views. The video has prompted people to share different comments.

“Love them all,” one person commented. “Goud I love her so much!” Shared another. “Lady just broke the internet!” A third commented. “You can see them all day without boredom,” the fourth posted.

Pet parents have commented on pages dedicated to their dogs and maintained by them.

Read the comment “We all need to be like Lady”. “Woman has smooth movement,” another posted the emoticon with heart-shaped eyes with a smiling face. The third suggested that “Lady Dancing with the Dogs should be premiered.” “That form though,” the foursome nodded.

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