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Pet parents or ‘pawrants’ have to deal with a number of things when they bring a fur baby home. There are many things they need to keep track of, ranging from playing time, walks, feedings, vet appointments, grooming and more. How their personal space is affected by their pets is another matter they have to come to terms with. This hilarious video details and can make you laugh out loud.

The video is shared on the Instagram page ‘max.and.finn’, which describes Finn and Murphy’s adventures as “two fluffy golden brothers.” The clip highlights what can happen to one’s personal space once the golden retriever dogs come into one’s life.

The caption shared with the video reads, “There is no such thing as a personal space with goldens.” It shows two puppies sitting on a chair. If one is found sitting comfortably, the other is trying to find the right place to rest. However, when you look closely, you see that they are actually sitting on their father, they are very quiet when puppies invade their personal space.

Watch the hilarious video below:

The video, which was shared on June 14, has garnered more than 11,000 likes and many comments from people sharing their reaction to the funny scene.

“And I got my laugh today! Thank you for your puppies!” Commented one person. There is room, ”another responds.

The post also includes comments from multiple dog accounts on Instagram.

“Dad thinks it’s his chair,” one comment reads. “I’ll sit down if I fit in,” says Anther. “Personal space? I thought you licked my face, ”the third reads.

What is your opinion on this video? Did it make you laugh?

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