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The bond between pets and humans is delightful to watch, even if it’s not entirely spoken. In this Instagram video, a golden retriever can be seen waiting for his mother outside the kitchen. “Pehle hame lagta tha ye sirf khana mangne ​​ke liye baitta hi aise [At first, we used to think that he is sitting there just to ask for food] But as he grows, we grow to understand each other. He always sits down to be close to me. He would never cross that kitchen line until I called him myself. He is the sweetest boy,” reads the caption with the video of the dog.

The video was shared on an Instagram page dedicated to this adorable golden retriever named Oreo. The pooch has over 16,500 dedicated followers on this page, where photos and videos of his daily adventures and general cuteness are regularly shared. Because of how sweetly he sits in the kitchen doorway while his mom cooks, there’s a good chance this video will make you want to squish this ball of fur completely.

Watch the video right here:

After being uploaded on Instagram on July 22, the video has garnered over 2.52 lakh likes.

One person on Instagram commented, “He’s super cute…give him all the treats ASAP.” Another user adds, “Just like our mommy cat, she loves my mom unconditionally. Sometimes it seems like she’s her real baby. When mommy goes to bed late because of housework, she constantly meows her to sleep. If my mommy leaves her, she gets really upset with mommy.” A third comment shares, “So cute company for Mom….look at her face. ..she enjoyed kitchen work with her beautiful fur baby.”

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