Ghaziabad civic body seeks ₹491 crore infra fund from state govt

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation officials have said it is difficult to carry out new infrastructure projects due to lack of funds. Citizens have also demanded a sum of money 491 crore from state administration.

Officials said the infrastructure development fund (IDF) account is pending, a civilian agency earns when residents take out sales papers and pay stamp duty.

According to existing norms, a 2% surcharge is imposed when residents pay stamp fees on sales papers and the amount is intended to be spent on local infrastructure development. According to official documents from the corporation, the civic body has gained nearly 835.85 crore from 2010-11 to 2021-22. 344.08 crores in IDF account.

Officials said they had written to the state administration to release the funds immediately. “In the last two years, revenue from the state government has been very low. A sum of about 491 crore from the government. “We have asked state government officials to release funds to carry out development work regularly,” said Ghaziabad Municipal Commissioner Mahendra Singh Tanwar.

Members of the ward said that the need for money for the civic body, infrastructure, road, sewer and sewer works were severely disturbed and the payment of contractors was pending.

“The state government must take seriously the IDF issue as these funds have been identified separately for the development of the local area and cannot be spent elsewhere. Residents are questioning whether policy members are unable to carry out development work in their wards. At a recently concluded board meeting last week, the corporation announced 60 lakhs per 100 wards. But Raj City Councilor Rajendra Tyagi said the incoming money will take time to materialize.

“Unless the IDF is issued on an emergency basis, the wards will not receive funds for development work. The delay in the IDF forces authorities to take other measures to increase revenues and this includes higher taxes and other additional charges, ”Tyagi added.

In September 2014, councilors across party lines held a week-long protest at the District Magistrate’s Office to demand the release of the IDF. “If the money is not released soon, we will seek legal shelter and refrain from paying for development works. Ghaziabad residents are being denied a number of infrastructure projects due to lack of funds,” said Kaimi city councilor Himanshu Mittal.

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