Gaten Matarazzo aka Dustin from Stranger Things 4: I get a call six months before filming to stop cutting my hair | Web Series

Actor Gayton Matarazo’s Dustin is probably the most popular and appealing character in the sci-fi horror drama, Stranger Things. The 19-year-old was 12 when he appeared on the first season of the Netflix show. Seven years and four seasons later, we ask them what keeps them going with the same energy and passion as season one?

“Every time we start a new season, I appear on set every day. It’s more exciting than the last. Gayton tells us during the conversation.

This is the same period in which OTT platforms around the world, including India, have gained steam, Stranger Things Definitely benefited from the vision of reaching more audiences.

Gayton agrees and says, “That’s something [access to OTT platforms] That really sets it apart. I think the ability to sit down and binge one day is definitely a big part of the appeal [of the series]. And I think people really enjoy watching the show. Separating Season Four into two volumes, we made a slightly different spin this year.

Rounding out a group of high school friends who love to play Dungeons and Dragons – a fantasy tabletop role-playing game – and how they can protect the fictional town of Hawkins after the onslaught of supernatural powers and external monsters (Demogorgons). The show combines elements of horror, thrill, drama, science fiction. But what is essentially left is the friendship between these children. And Gayton finds the most exciting and fascinating thing about the show.

“On the inside, it’s really about friends, community, and your love for people around you. You said it completely because you do it all. Just come back to pay D&D and enjoy high school, which is why these characters are so quarrelsome because they want to fight for the love of each other, but also their community, ”he explains.

Similarly Stranger Things Has a large ensemble cast, making each character stand out and make their presence felt. And Gayton, in particular, is known for his quirky personality, with his hair and toothless smile. When asked if he could change a thing about Dustin going back to season one – except for the hair – and he sarcastically said, “It’s always such a challenge (Smiled) I always get a call six months before we start shooting … it’s a sign that you stop cutting your hair and it’s always a sad, sad day. The phone is already saying, ‘Hey, let it grow.’ So it’s all about the hair.

However, they quickly add that they are too small to be willing to change their character. “I think the introduction of the show and how my character continues, it’s really fun to play. Because of the connection I have with him, I understand that he is truly one of my favorite characters on the show, ”Gayton concludes, adding that there will be a fifth season and that” it’s going to be emotional. “

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