Functions and Programs After Tokyo Games led to Loss of Focus: Lovlina Borgohain

Endless jobs and other commitments outside the boxing ring have affected her training and caused her to lose focus after her bronze medal winning performance at the Olympics, Lovlina Borgohin said on Saturday.

The Tokyo Games medalist added that she did not feel “mental strength” at the world championships last month.

Lovlina’s participation in the world championships in the 70kg category has ended, after a disappointing loss in the semi-finals, after she competed in her first international event since taking the podium in Tokyo last year.

“The main thing is that in the world championships I wasn’t that strong of mind. I couldn’t focus properly. I worked on it,” Lovlina told reporters after the Commonwealth Games berth closed at the 70kg event.

“My goal was to win the gold in Tokyo but I couldn’t. After that, I kept thinking in my mind ‘I have to train and do well in the next competition.’ But that didn’t happen,” she added.

Since the Olympics, the 24-year-old has had to attend countless congratulations and events, but all the attention came at a price.

“After Tokyo people started to expect a lot. I had to attend many events as well and you can’t say no because they will think ‘After winning a medal she developed an ego.’”

“There are moments when you can’t do anything and you have to miss your training. This affects us. The player must be given space to focus on the game.”

“I didn’t think all of this would affect my performance but somewhere it will.”

This isn’t the first time an athlete has complained about the burden of obligations after winning a medal.

Last year, after winning a historic gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Neeraj Chopra also said his training was a success as he had to attend many events.

The two-time World Boxing Championship bronze medalist believes that people should be mindful of the athlete’s needs.

“I have to learn at every step, losing the world championship taught me a lot and that was important somewhere as well.

“My training in the World Championships wasn’t right either. I learned a lot from that loss. It was part of my journey.”

With the introduction of new weight classes, Lovlina, who has had most of her success competing in the 69kg weight category, will have to change her class to 66kg or 75kg.

“I’ve thought about 75kg but my weight isn’t gaining much, so after CWG I will decide which weight class I should play in.

“After the CWG is the Asian Championship and I will then decide what to do next. Whatever weight I decide to participate in, I will continue in the Olympics.

“There is confusion because my weight is between 68 and 69. But now I am struggling to get to below 68 or above.”

Need to work on certain aspects at 50 kg: Nikhat

Nikat Zarin lived up to expectations in the CWG selection trials by booking her ticket to the Birmingham event with a convincing victory but the reigning world champion feels she has to work on a few aspects to move forward in the new weight class.

The Telangana boxer has had to constantly change her weight category in the past few months in various events. At the Strandja memorial, where she won the gold medal, Nikhat competed in the 52 kg weight class. Soon, her weight dropped to 51kg in the now postponed Asian Games trials.

For the World Championships, she climbed back to 52kg and will now compete in the CWG at 50kg after winning the selection trials.

“This is not my actual weight class. I have to work on a lot of things to get my fitness level for this class, like strength and speed strength. I will take a few days to recover and then I will start working on it,” Nikhat said.

“I know the game I showed here in the trials is not even 50 percent of what I showed in WC but I was able to beat all my opponents by unanimous decision,” she added.

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