Fruits you must consume during monsoons to ensure gut health, boost immunity | Health

It is important to remember that the nutritional value of a produce is inversely proportional to the period it is stored, so including seasonal fruits in one’s daily diet is essential during monsoons and other weathers. Fruits rich in vitamin C help in recovery and prevention of Covid-19 and common cold, especially during this flu season with heavy rains.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Conscious Food’s in-house nutritionist Dr Saloni Zaveri touted the health benefits of pomegranates, apples, jamuns, plums and pears and said, “Easily available at this time of the year, these can be consumed. Because of their high nutritional value and antioxidant properties, they are quick bites, quick snacks. Or brekkie parfaits.

She advises, “Our bodies use this period to prepare themselves for winter, so an evening cuppa with extra focus on boosting our immune system by drinking some amla, moringa, cinnamon, haldi and black pepper tea makes for a great evening cuppa. Pair this holy tea with some warm bhajiya – ’tis the season.” And don’t worry, all foods are good in moderation.

According to Dr Manoj Kutteri, CEO and Medical Director, Atmanthan Wellness Center, “Many fruits should be avoided during monsoons, fruits that generally have cooling properties like watermelons should be completely avoided. Fruits like apple, pear, cherry, litchi, fig, orange, papaya are preferred. Other seasonal fruits like Jamun, Plum, Pomegranate are also beneficial.

He listed the fruits you must have in monsoon and how to take them:

· Apples (cooked)

· Avocados

· Dates

· fig

· Lemons

· Limes

· Mangoes

· Orange

· Papayas

· Raisins (soaked)

· Raisins (soaked)

· Tangerines

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